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  • Posture vs. structural correction

    Conventional wisdom says that slumping shoulders are a sign of poor posture, and that you should fix it by holding muscles tautly in place. But this posture diktat misses the crucial factor – muscles alone can’t pull skeletal elements back into place. Only manipulation, otherwise known as biostructural correction, can achieve the results we seek.…

  • Why “core strength” or “good posture” aren’t the right answers to back pain

    When conventional practitioners see slumping shoulders with accompanying discomfort, patients are often told to improve their posture by holding their shoulders back and strengthening their core muscles. While core strength is a valuable part of a healthy body, Dr. Jesse has discovered that muscles on their own cannot restore spines to their proper position. The…

  • Who Can Learn BioStructural Correction?

    You might be surprised to learn that the ABC™ method is also successfully practiced by acupuncturists, naturalists, and personal trainers.

  • How is ABC structural correction different?

    It sounds crazy, but when you start by correcting just the first rib (your uppermost rib,) the shoulders immediately go back to their natural position. In other words, the First Rib Maneuver corrects the structural breakdown that causes shoulders to slump forward while relaxed.