An unhealthy spine is an unhealthy body

Time and injuries break down the spine’s natural structure. To keep going, bodies then compensate.

Think of one of the basics of physics: For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When a vertebra moves out of place, it destabilizes what was a harmonious balance in the body. The body then reacts to try and compensate for that physical imbalance. That sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, compensation is a short term solution for a breakdown and it causes more problems down the line.

Once the body establishes a compensation to balance out the vertebra that has moved, (also known as a vertebral subluxation,) think of that compensation as a “twist.” Instead of functioning in alignment, the spine now has one injury and one compensating twist.

What happens next? The first twist throws off another part of the body’s natural, harmonious design. The body compensates again, creating a second twist. This twisting process continues and compounds. One twist generates another twist.

The body starts to become a chain of compensating twists. No wonder we have pain.

The Brand New Body System by Jesse is a set of steps to take to unwind those twists and restore the body to its natural state of health.